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  • Strong brand equity

    A leading sportswear brand enterprise in China with a growing global presence via internationalization

  • New Brand Image

    Rebranding initiatives unveil our new brand image and strategic direction to capture first-mover advantage in the sporting goods consumption upgrades

  • Highly diversified brand strategy and comprehensive product portfolio

    Multi-brand strategy to capture opportunities in the golden decade of China’s sportswear industry

  • Mid-teens growth of 361˚ Kids business

    Fast-growing kids wear business sustains the robust growth momentum, its crossover products featuring IP raised brand value and cementing leading industry position

  • Efficient and responsive supply chain and Integrated Sales Channels

    Integrating online and offline sales channels to create a profit-driven complementary channel with E-commerce business thriving as an important revenue driver

  • Mature and Effective Distributor Business Model with Unique Marketing Strategy

    Extensive yet effective distributorship network to tap into the rising purchasing power in third-tier and lower-tier cities with new distribution channel model that integrates digital operation and traditional business

  • Internationally recognized own proprietary technologies

    Exceptional R&D strength in developing world-class and award-winning products; Established overseas technology platform to integrate with the domestic supply chain

  • Experienced management team

    Management team have sound industry knowledge, extensive corporate and strategic planning experience and expertise relevant to the business of the Group to steer operational excellence

  • Solid financial position

    Financial position remains strong, net cash inflow from operating activities amounted to RMB295 million in 2018, laying a sturdy foundation for long-term sustainable growth

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