About 361°



Established in 2003, 361° is a leading sportswear enterprise in China. The Group is an integrated sporting goods company which principally engages in brand management, research and development, design, manufacturing and distribution. Its comprehensive product portfolio comprises footwear, apparel, accessories under the 361° Core brand, 361° kids brand, and ONE WAY, an authentic Finnish brand focuses on higher functional and more specialised outdoor products. Upholding the brand concept of “One Extra Degree of Passion” (多一度熱愛), 361° strives to provide the professional sportswear products to sports lovers, thereby improving their sports performance and encouraging them to keep pushing boundaries.

The Group operates a distributorship business model through the first-tier exclusive distributors and second-tier authorised retailers to manage an extensive distribution network of over 7,000 retail stores across China and approximately 3,000 points of sales across the world. It has established a leading position in third-tier and lower-tier cities in China.

Leveraging differentiated products and strong brand equity, 361 Degrees’ global footprint spans more than 24 countries including the United States, Brazil, Europe and the Middle East.

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