About 361°


The members of the board of directors (‘‘Board’’) of 361 Degrees International Limited are set out below.

Mr。 Ding Wuhao Executive Director

Mr。 Ding Huihuang Chairman and Executive Director

Mr。 Ding Huirong Executive Director

Mr. Wang Jiabi Executive Director

Mr。 Hon Ping Cho Terence Independent non-executive Director

Mr. Liao Jianwen Independent non-executive Director

Mr. Li Yuen Fai Roger Independent non-executive Director

Committee Director Audit Committee Terms of Reference Nomination Committee Terms of Reference Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference
Li Yuen Fai Roger C
Liao Jianwen C
Wang Jiabi
Ding Wuhao
Hon Ping Cho Terence C

C Chairman of the respective Committee
√ Member of the respective Committee

Board Diversity Policy
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Dividend Policy
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Memorandum and Articles of Association
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Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director of the Company
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