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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a well-known Chinese sports brand, 361 Degrees understands the inseparable relationship between the corporate development, the community and the environment。 The Group believes that sustainable, resilient and reliable stewardship and development is essential to its long-term success。 The Group considers its social responsibility as its foundation of growth and is committed to facilitating economic development and highly values charity works and employee benefits, aiming to do its utmost to give back to society。

The Group has developed its internal strategies and policies with aims to create sustainable values to its stakeholders and community。 In order to carry out the Group’s sustainability strategy from top to bottom, the Group has established dedicated teams who are responsible for managing ESG related issues, and the Board has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of its ESG policies。

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

  • 2018
    ESG Report
    ESG Report
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